• How to ensure respiratory protection for the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors

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How to ensure respiratory protection for the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors

Dec 07 2023

Health and safety professionals in the high-stakes oil & gas or petrochemical industries understand the critical importance of a robust respiratory protection program. The role involves more than just routine auditing and documentation; it’s about actively implementing corrective and preventive measures to safeguard the team’s health and to stay in compliance with industry regulations. In sectors like oil & gas and petrochemicals, where workers are routinely exposed to hazardous substances, the need for effective respiratory protection is paramount. TSI®, a globally renowned occupational health and safety equipment provider, specialises in developing user-friendly, reliable instruments that are essential for your safety program's success.

Respirators help protect workers from breathable hazards in the workplace. Respirator fit testing evaluates the seal between a respirator and the face, identifying gaps or leaks that put workers at risk. In the United States, regulatory bodies such as OSHA and NFPA have mandated quantitative fit testing for many types of respirators. Similarly, in the UK, the HSE requires businesses to perform respirator fit testing as per INDG 479 guidelines. This is crucial for confirming that respirators offer the necessary level of protection on the job. Fit testing is not just a regulatory requirement; it is a critical step in identifying and addressing any gaps or leaks that could compromise worker safety. With the increasing awareness and importance of workers’ respiratory protection, TSI®’s PortaCount™ Respirator Fit Testers can help keep workers protected, healthy and safe whilst complying with international regulations.

TSI offers the technology to increase personnel safety and strengthen their customers’ respiratory protection program’s efficiency and productivity with the most trusted quantitative fit testing instrument. PortaCount™ Respirator Fit Testers deliver safety by utilising the most effective quantitative fit testing method available to identify poor-fitting respirators.

Thanks to TSI®’s N95 Companion™ technology, the PortaCount™ Respirator Fit Tester can test all filtering facepiece respirators, with <99% filter efficiency, including CE FFP2/FFP1 and NIOSH Series-95 filtering facepiece respirators, regardless of type, brand or quality.

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