• New flow switches designed to meet the demanding requirements of green hydrogen energy production

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New flow switches designed to meet the demanding requirements of green hydrogen energy production

Apr 07 2023

Fluid Components International (FCI) has introduced its cutting-edge SIL-2 rated FS10i Flow Switch Series, with precision thermal sensors that are designed to meet the demanding requirements of green hydrogen (H2) energy production. The versatile flow switch and flow monitor is designed for simple insertion into 13mm (0.5-inch) or larger diameter pipes and square ducts for either liquid or air/gas service, making it ideal for use in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) type electrolyzers. PEM electrolysis produces high-purity H2 and is the preferred process technology to convert surplus renewable energy into green H2, as it does not require aggressive chemicals or liquid electrolytes and can be operated at a dynamic partial load level to compensate for the power fluctuations of renewable electric power plants.

Green hydrogen can improve the CO2 balance of industrial processes, and for green H2 production, the FS10i Flow Switch is a universal flow switch and flow monitor that provides highly accurate, repeatable, and fast-responding flow trip point or alarm setting. Its flow sensor’s thermowells are constructed of highly corrosion-resistant Hastelloy C-22, and it will operate in fluid temperatures up to 121°C (250°F) with an IP protection rating to IP67. The FS10i Switch is the only flow switch in its price range to carry a SIL 2 compliance rating on the 4-20mA flow monitoring output and SIL 1 compliance on the alarm relay. It has no moving parts to clog and requires no routine maintenance, saving technician time and expense over any mechanical-technology-based flow switch.

The FS10i Switch’s flow sensitivity (setpoint range) in liquids is from 0.003 to 0.15 MPS (0.01 to 0.5 FPS), and in gases is from 0.076 to 122 MPS (0.25 to 400 SFPS). Its standard 1A relay trip point is easily set in the field for low or high trip point, and the trip and reset points can be further tuned with hysteresis and time delay adjustments. Also provided standard with the FS10i Switch is a 4-20mA trending output of the flow rate for connection to ancillary controls or alarm systems. The FS10i Switch includes a 10-LED array for both an indication that the trip point has been exceeded (LED flashes on/off) and of relative flow rate (10 percent increments) across the flow range.

The FS10i is the only product in its class to carry a SIL 2 compliance rating with a 90% Safe Failure Fraction (SFF) and carries global approvals: ATEX, CE, CRN, FM, FMc, IECEx, and EAC/TR CU. Optional global agency approvals are also available for installation in Division 2/Zone 2 locations.

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