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Aug 18 2008

The new WGA 06 alarm unit fir oil, petrol and grease separators from Afriso Euro Index (Germany) is a single-channel instrument that may be used to control probes operated in hazardous areas (Ex) (zones 0, 1 or 2). There are two different probes that may be used with the WGA 06 alarm unit: Either the floating probe WGA-ÖW for an oil-on-water alarm or the fixed probe for an overflow alarm. The floating probe WGA-ÖW floats on the surface of the water and generates an alarm signal when
an oil, grease or petrol layer of at least 15 mm has built up.
WGA-ÖW monitors pump and control shafts in separators for oil accumulations and generates an alarm before pollutants can reach the sewage system. The fixed probe WGA-AS is mounted in separators or retention tanks above the constant level and generates an alarm when the maximum permissible level is reached. The WGA 06 alarm unit provides high operational reliability since the connected cable (up to 300 m length) to the probe and the probe itself are permanently
monitored for cable breaks and short circuits. WGA 06 is supplied with AC 230 V. The electronics are contained in a robust wall mounting housing with a test button and a reset button that are easily accessible at the front side. 3 indicators (1 green LED for operation, 2 red LEDs for alarm and fault) as well as 1 integrated piezo-buzzer provide information on the current status. 2 voltage-free changeover relays can be adjusted for rising or falling levels; however, they may also be used for other switching tasks. The WGA 06 alarm unit and the
WGA-ÖW and WGA-AS probes are ATEX-approved and suitable for application in hazardous areas (Ex).

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