• Future-proof solutions for sustainable aviation fuel analysis

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Future-proof solutions for sustainable aviation fuel analysis

Dec 08 2022

Anton Paar’s SVM 3001 Cold Properties analyser can perform multiple parameter analyses in just one test run with measuring cloud and freeze point, kinematic viscosity according to ASTM D7042 and ASTM D445, bias-corrected, density in accordance with ASTM D4052, viscosity borderline temperature (at 12 cSt), standard above freeze point (SFP) and refractive index – when combined with Abbemat refractometers. 

These capabilities make SVM 3001 Cold Properties the ideal solution for quality control and R&D in low-temperature applications. End users can carry out all these measurements on a single device thus saving both time and bench space. In addition, the SVM 3001 can reach temperatures down to -20 °C without an external thermostat. Results comply with ASTM D7566, D1655, DEF STAN 91-091, and AFQRJOS, so it is the perfect choice for jet fuel certification.

Anton Paar also offer their DMA density meters to determine the density of jet fuels at 15°C (in accordance to ASTM D4052), an automatic closed-cup flash point tester for precisely determining flashpoint according to ASTM D56 and a gum content tester for testing the existing gum content of fuel according to ASTM D381.  Finally, Anton Paar’s Diana distillation analyser series automatically conducts high-precision, high-sample-throughput distillation range analysis for fuels at atmospheric pressure.

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