• A New Way to Automate your Lab?s Hardware

Analytical Instrumentation

A New Way to Automate your Lab?s Hardware

Jun 15 2009

Wasson-ECE Instrumentation (USA) introduces the Automator, a new way to automate your lab hardware.  The Automator controller allows the user to easily configure and automate hardware without the use of expensive software or knowledge of a programming language.  Runtime tables and logical control are easily configured using the configuration and method design wizards.  Development time is reduced to minutes instead of days.  The controller is independent of the Operating System (OS), and can be accessed through the web for configuration. This allows for sample systems to be fully automated, giving the user complete control over alarms, temperature, pressure sensors, flow and valve actuation.

The easy to use configuration wizard allows for quick setup times.  Hardware is connected to the standalone controller by a standardized pin set.  The configuration editor is then used to configure the system’s digital and analogue  I/O to match the hardware connected.  Once configured the user moves directly to method development.  The method editor allows the user to design a method based around the existing hardware configuration.  By setting timing, flow, temperature and voltage the user gains complete control over the hardware.  The method and corresponding hardware configuration can be saved for later use.   The system includes proportional integral derivative (PID) control, a standalone controller with configurable IP address a hardware state editor with runtime event table and touch screen controller interface.

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