• New Application Note for the Determination of Mercury in Waters

Analytical Instrumentation

New Application Note for the Determination of Mercury in Waters

Jul 15 2010

Teledyne Leeman Labs (USA) have released a new application note on the determination of mercury in waters by US EPA Method 245.1 VAA spectroscopy. Mercury is a toxic element found throughout the environment. Its mobile nature allows it to diffuse through the air, soils and ultimately into water systems. Fish have the ability to bio-accumulate mercury (in its methylated form) at much higher concentrations than the waters they inhabit. People and wildlife that consume fish high in mercury are at risk. Today, there are over 2,000 water bodies in the United States where advisories are posted to limit consumption of fish known to contain significant levels of mercury. The Clean Water Act (CWA) requires monitoring mercury concentrations in effluent, waste and ambient waters to ensure that our waters remain safe to both mankind and wildlife. Many laboratories employ U.S. EPA Method 245.1 to monitor mercury in effluent, waste and ambient waters. This report provides details for the operation of the new Hydra IIAA according to EPA Method 245.1.

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