• Powerful Solution for Stress-free Temperature Control Application

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Powerful Solution for Stress-free Temperature Control Application

Feb 07 2018

With the PRESTO devices, JULABO offers powerful solutions for different temperature applications, which are not only used in laboratory, but also different industrial areas. The temperature control systems for external temperature applications score with a very broad working temperature range from -92°C to +250°C using the same bath fluid.

PRESTO devices are optimised for temperature control applications of jacketed reaction vessels and ensure a short heat-up and cool-down time thanks to high heating and cooling capacities. They offer high-precision and consistently reliable temperature control also at higher room temperatures of up to +40°C. The use of highly efficient components allows the extremely fast compensation for exothermic and endothermic reactions. Permanent internal monitoring and self-lubricating pumps ensure a long life-time of the devices.

All PRESTO devices feature an integrated 5.7-inch color industrial-grade touch panel. All important information is available at a glance on the large display. In addition to three preset presentation options, custom views can be defined as well and one of ten languages selected. The PRESTO devices can be quickly and easily operated with the tip of a finger via the touch panel.

The password administration simplifies device operation by several users and supports upfront parameterization of routine tasks. Using the administrator level, two additional user levels with restricted access rights can be set up. The filling opening is easily accessible on the top side of the device and ensures easy and reliable filling with bath fluid.

As the PRESTO devices work in broad temperature ranges with the same bath fluid, it must not be replaced during the temperature control process. The PRESTO devices have a small footprint and can be easily relocated. Starting from the PRESTO A45, the device offers rollers for problem-free relocation by one employee. Thanks to closed side panels without vents, the devices can be placed closely next to one another or directly next to the application or wall.

In the case of a fault, the integrated black box functionality allows quick troubleshooting by the service technician. The JULABO service team is available at all times for questions regarding initial operation and operation of the PRESTO devices.

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