• New Abel and TAG flash Point testers for petroleum and petrochemical samples

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New Abel and TAG flash Point testers for petroleum and petrochemical samples

Jan 02 2024

Anton Paar recently launched their new range of Abel and TAG flash point testers, ABA 500, ABA 300, TAG 500, and TAG 300, that are ideally suited for petroleum-related and petrochemical samples. The new instruments are compliant with a plethora of standard methods, including  ISO 13736, IP 170, ASTM D56, ISO 1516, and ISO 1523.

These new flash point testers include Anton Paar’s highly advanced ceramic-coated electric igniter, which has a lifespan of more than ten times longer than other, comparable products. The ABA 500’s and TAG 500’s unique, 2-in-1 cooling technology combines a liquid and air-cooled system in a single instrument, allowing the flash point measuring range to span from -30 °C to +130 °C. Operators simply need to connect an external cooler if measuring flash point temperatures from -30 °C to +65 °C and disconnect it when they measure flash points ranging from 10 °C to 130 °C.

The ABA 300 and TAG 300 provides economical solutions ideal for taking flash point measurements between 10 °C to 110 °C. Thanks to an intuitive user interface, simple cleaning, and superb safety features, Anton Paar’s new flash point testers provide labs testing petroleum and petrochemical samples with a invaluable tool. Operators will appreciate other excellent features including a status light, quality control charts, and impurity matrix. Anton Paar’s new state-of-the-art instruments also support LIMS and can be used with Anton Paar’s lab execution software: AP Connect.

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