• Machine shop in Austria evolves into a global corporation providing analytical solutions to the petroleum related markets

Analytical Instrumentation

Machine shop in Austria evolves into a global corporation providing analytical solutions to the petroleum related markets

Sep 06 2022

Anton Paar have been providing cutting-edge analytical technology to the petroleum related industries – across fuels, lubricants, asphalt, bitumen, plastics, and polymers – for many years. The acquisition of Petrotest in 2012 further expanded an extensive and proven product range.

Automated solutions with zero or next to no maintenance, and easy-to-follow measuring routines that need only basic training, all enhance efficiency, while minimal sample, solvent, and energy needs, with fast measurement cycles, keep waste and environmental impact to a minimum.

Mr Paar started his eponymous company as a machine shop in 1922 and today Anton Paar is a global corporation providing state-of-the-art, innovatively designed, Ex-certified instruments with integral features to improve workplace safety. Anton Paar reinvests 20 % of their annual turnover in R&D to help their petro-industry customers embrace green technology and higher levels of automation, while adapting to new or updated standards.

Anton Paar’s instruments are now also widely used for R&D for ‘green’ energy sources such as biofuels and synthetic fuels.

The latest addition to Anton Paar’s product portfolio is the new SVM 1001 kinematic viscometer; this instrument runs samples in five minutes or less with full ASTM compliance, which is an improvement of 150 % throughput compared to manual D445 glass capillary viscometers. Moreover, the Diana series carries out automatic high-precision distillation range analysis of fuels and solvents at atmospheric pressure.

Over the last century, Anton Paar has merged high-precision technology with ingenuity and a hunger for research; as a result they are now global market leaders in density and concentration measurement, rheometry and CO2 measurement. Many of the world’s leading companies have come to depend on Anton Paar’s specialist expertise and instrumentation.

Anton Paar GmbH includes 45 sister companies and sales subsidiaries, as well as 50 sales partners, operating in more than 110 countries.. "Talent, commitment and inner cohesion, in both successful and difficult times, have always distinguished us and our company,” according to CEO Friedrich Santner. 

The non-profit Santner Private Foundation acquired Anton Paar in 2003. The foundation was set up topromote non-profit science and research, and the prevention of drug addiction by supporting projects to fight addiction.

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