• New Dimensions in Elemental Analysis

Analytical Instrumentation

New Dimensions in Elemental Analysis

Jan 11 2008

Analytic Jena’s (Germany) multi EA 3100 represents a new generation of elemental analysis systems for determining carbon, sulphur, nitrogen and chlorine content. It is outstandingly well suited for the analysis of element contents from the ultra-trace though to the mass percent range. The hitherto unattained diversity of modules for sampling and detection, which offers optimal adaption to every analytic task arising, opens up new horizons in elemental analytics. This multi-matrix capable analysis system allows solids, liquids, gases and LPGs to be investigated without time-consuming hardware reconfigurations or recalibration of the measurement system. Even the most difficult matrices, such as oils, fuels, solvents, polymers, coal, liquid gases, EOX, AOX etc., can be investigated quickly and reliably.

The multi EA 3100 also excels through its simple operation, minimal maintenance requirement and premium measurement result precision. This is ensured with the automatic monitoring of all relevant system parameters through the integrated self-check system and flame sensor technology. Thanks to its unique double furnace technology, vertical or horizontal sample insertion modes are combined in a single instrument thus saving space. This allows the user optimal adaption of the analysis system to the respective sample matrix.

Ease of operation is further enhanced through the use of the APG 3100 automatic sampler system. This autosampler is suitable for use both in vertical and horizontal modes and may be converted from a solid to a liquid sampler with a minimum of effort. The autosampler can also be fitted with a tray sensor for maximum dependability in solid mode, especially for AOX analytics. The auto-injection system integrates fixture of the syringe with the sample feeding, thereby replacing several complex components used in conventional sample dispensing systems.

This makes auto-injection technology handy and space-saving like no other injection system. Interchangeable syringes allow different volumes to be dosed with high precision, whereby the injection speed is freely selectable. The auto-injector is suited for both vertical sample
dispensing, as well as in the horizontal operating mode.

Quick connection makes it possible to insert the auto-injection system into the holder on the multi EA 3100 with just a single movement. This renders any adjustment unnecessary and the power supply and data transfer connections are established at the same time. There is no longer any cable connection required and the result is high operational reliability. Auto-injection technology excels by virtue of its outstanding user-friendliness. The syringes for sample dispensing remain in the auto-injector. One-step filling means that the sample is
completely dispensed with a single movement. A number of variable volume syringes are available to inject different volumes. Syringes are fast to replace, taking less than a minute with a simple procedure.
The new auto-injection technology for multi EA 3100 represents an excellent overall alternative to autosamplers for the user with limited volumes in terms of precision, handling and space requirement.

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