• High precision portable gasoline, diesel and jet fuel analysis made easy

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High precision portable gasoline, diesel and jet fuel analysis made easy

Dec 09 2021

Ametek Grabner’s MINISCAN IR VISION is a rapid, compact and rugged FTIR fuel analyser used for comprehensive and automatic measurement of petroleum, jet and diesel fuels. MINISCAN IR VISION can measure over 100 fuel parameters and components for fuel blending, or quality inspection and checks to ensure compliance with fuel specifications directly at the point of sale.

Over a hundred preconfigured parameters measured compound analysis are performed according to ASTM D5845 for oxygenates, ASTM D6277 and EN 238 for Benzene and EN 14078 for biodiesel blends. An integrated temperature regulated density meter enables precise determination and stability of fuel density. Octane and cetane number, distillation, vapour pressure and other fuel properties are automatically quantified from the full IR spectrum using Partial Least Square (PLS) analysis and advanced chemometric models in accordance to ASTM E1655. Thousands of data points are utilised to attain the best prediction precision.

For predicted properties, MINISCAN IR VISION provides calibration data, that complies to the most stringent of quality standards. The instrument features a unique database of samples that have been collected and analysed by SGS. High quality portable technology MINISCAN IR VISION is unsurpassed in its class of portable fuel analysers. The filling system’s thermoelectric temperature regulation, along with the device’s measuring cells and integrated density meter maximises precision in measuring volume and mass percentage of fuel compounds. MINISCAN IR VISION is rugged enough for use in the field; its durability makes it a perfect choice for the challenges of field or mobile testing. This instrument includes Grabner´s proven, rugged and bubble-free metal filling system and it is encased within the shock and vibration tested Vision platform housing. The double interferometer is mounted along with a self-aligning mirror system; this enables automatic corrections of intensity shifts even after a driving down a bumpy road. A robust, 10” full colour industrial touchscreen ensures excellent visibility and ease of use even in tough environmental conditions. For field use, the instrument can be powered by a 12V car adapter.

An analyser for diesel, gasoline and jet fuels – or analysers for diesel or gasoline
Grabner offer specific models for petroleum/gasoline or diesel analysis, as well as the PRO model for petroleum, diesel and jet fuel analysis. Dedicated models can easily be upgraded to a PRO model. The MINISCAN VISION range all include integrated contamination detection thanks to its automatic distance analysis between spectra capabilities. Also standard is the rugged and clear 10” industrial full colour touchscreen, smart 2+1 cell design, laser controlled system, full spectrum PLS analysis using superior processing power, beam splitter (Ge-coated KBR), bubble-free and rugged metal filling system and thermoelectric temperature regulation of filler, density meter and cells.

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