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KIN-TEK Analytical, Inc. manufactures, sells, and supports calibration gas standards and permeation systems, specializing in trace concentrations (ppm, ppb and pptr) for the calibration of gas analytical equipment. Our permeation tubes, gas standard generators, and gas mixers are used for dynamically creating specialized calibration gas solutions for laboratory or process analytical applications. Typical applications include calibration for VOC's, semi-VOC's, TICs, Dopants, and HAPs gas analysis. Gas mixtures created by Trace SourceTM permeation devices are traceable to NIST through physical standards. Over 550 chemical gas standards and an array of instruments are offered. See for additional details.

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PIN 25.2 Apr/May

May 2024

Safety - Carbon monoxide toxic and flammable gas detection Analytical Instrumentation - Density: A fundamental parameter at critical stages within the petroleum sector - Advancements and...

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