• New Intrinsically Safe Leak Detector (Ex) for Hazardous Environments


New Intrinsically Safe Leak Detector (Ex) for Hazardous Environments

Jul 31 2008

Alcatel Vacuum Products Inc, (USA) is pleased to announce the launch of a new, intrinsically safe leak detector, which is being marketed by Adixen Sensistor (Germany) in Europe.
The equipment meets the ATEX directive and may be used for leak testing in explosive environments, such as Aircraft fuel systems and Chemical / Petrochemical plant pipe work systems.
– This leak detector is one of the most technically advanced products that we have launched for this market sector, says J.P.Deluca, director of leak detection of Alcatel Vacuum Products. Using proven microelectronic GAS – FET state of the art sensor technology the unit is extremely rugged and reliable. A number of customers are eagerly awaiting its delivery.
The new leak detector Extrima is intended for leak detection using diluted hydrogen as a trace gas for use in explosive environments, where the security requirements are extremely high. The equipment for use in these environments must be intrinsically safe, that is, under no circumstances can it pose a risk to igniting explosive gases.
Extrima has the European EEx ia IIC T4 classification equivalent to US Class 1, Div 1, groups A,B,C,D, which means that it meets the requirements for use in zone 0 according to ATEX directive (ATmosphere EXplosible) of the European Commission. This technique can therefore be applied in the chemical and petrochemical industry as well as in the
aviation and oil processing industries.
- A typical application is leak detection during maintenance of aircraft fuel systems. Since there is always some fuel left in the system the equipment used must meet specific requirements, says David Morris, marketing manager for hydrogen products at Alcatel...
Extrima based on the highly successful H2000 detector quickly detects and locates leaks at levels 1000 x more sensitive than traditional bubble methods. Portable, lightweight and extremely easy to use even in restricted areas makes the Extrima the obvious choice foruse in the markets aforementioned. The Extrima is provided with an Auto-Ranging function, which means that it automatically tunes its sensitivity which decreases the closer it gets to the leak. Once a leak is located and the search for additional leaks continues, the sensitivity is increased without any manual adjustments being required. Other performance advantages to using Extrima include, being battery operated with an eight hour capacity means it can be used during an entire shift without the need to recharge. Extrima is also waterproof to IP67. Extrima is virtually maintenance free as there are no moving parts.

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