• Expert advice and precision solutions for methane detection 
    Absorption features of methane in the 0.76 µm to 6.0 µm range

Expert advice and precision solutions for methane detection 

Apr 22 2021

nanoplus’ lasers for methane (CH4) detection are widely used in a variety of applications particularly in process optimisation for combustion control, greenhouse gas detection, leak testing in gas pipelines and breath analysis.

Tunable diode laser spectroscopy enables CH4 measurement up to ppb levels in real time and in situ. The nanoplus lasers are ideal for harsh industrial applications because they offer long-term stability and need little maintenance. 

nanoplus lasers operate at a variety of wavelengths to target the range of vibrational-rotational bands of methane; 1654 nm and 3270 nm are generally perceived as the wavelengths most suited to detect methane. These as well as other customised wavelengths for methane detection are available from nanoplus.

When you choosing wavelength, you need to consider how the product is set up, as well as the locality and nature of the measurement. These are significant factors when determining the optimum wavelength for any specific application. It is very advisable to refer to the Hitran Database (high-resolution transmission molecular absorption database) to further evaluate your choice of wavelengths. The application experts at nanoplus are more than capable and happy to advise  you about the most suitable wavelength for your specific application – you simply need to tell them the wavelength you need with an accuracy of 0.1 nm!

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