• New Smart Test Lamp for UV, UV/IR and IR Flame Detectors Simplifies Field Maintenance in Combustible Gas Prone Locations


New Smart Test Lamp for UV, UV/IR and IR Flame Detectors Simplifies Field Maintenance in Combustible Gas Prone Locations

Sep 15 2008

Featuring an explosion-proof design, an intelligent built-in microcontroller and rechargeable batteries that provide 45-minutes of testing on a single charge, the new TL105 Test Lamp for General Monitors` (USA) UV, UV/IR and IR Flame Detectors allows routine maintenance to be performed safely in hazardous areas.

The TL105 Test Lamp is designed for Class I, Div 1 and 2, Groups C and D hazardous areas where field technicians must routinely verify flame detector operational capability. With its explosion-proof cast aluminum housing, the TL105 features ATEX, CSA and CE Marking approvals for use in hazardous areas, such as oil/gas production, refining, pipeline and distribution applications, as well as in chemical refining plants, aircraft assembly and maintenance hangars, automotive assembly plants and warehouse or distribution operations.

The TL105 Test Lamp is a battery operated, rechargeable lamp. The test lamp provides a high-energy, broadband radiation source that emits sufficient energy in both the UV and IR spectra to activate UV or IR flame detectors. To simulate a fire, the test lamp automatically flashes at various selectable rates chosen with a rotary switch. When the flashing pattern for a specific type of flame detector is selected, the TL105 Test Lamp triggers the flame detector`s alarm or test mode.

The TL105’s integral housing features a full handle for comfortable grip. A charge status indicator on the lamp informs field technicians when the instrument is fully charged or recharging is necessary. The microcontroller prevents operation when the battery charge is low to ensure that all testing procedures are completed satisfactorily. The TL105`s rugged design allows it to be used in extreme environments where temperatures may range from 5 to 122°F (-15 to +50°C) and relative humidity span 0 to 90%.

The advanced FL4000 Detector combines MSIR flame sensing with Neural Network Technology (NNT) to operate at a long range with a wide field-of-view and at high accuracy for superior false alarm immunity. The FL4000 reliably discriminates between actual flames and nuisance false alarm sources, such as arc welding or hot objects, with its Neural Network Technology. Until recently, plant engineers with chronic false alarm problems have had to choose between accepting the headache and cost of false alarms, changing their process, or installing excessively redundant flame detection systems at a higher cost. The advanced FL4000 eliminates these problems, providing reliable and dependable flame detection.

The versatile FL3100H Flame Detector Series is designed for a wide variety of flame detection applications. This flame detector series rapidly and accurately senses unwanted fires, issuing alarm outputs directly from the detector to provide reliable and secure protection of people, equipment and facilities. Five different models are available featuring UV, UV/IR or IR sensors. Highly accurate, the FL3100H Series is designed with built-in flicker-discrimination circuitry and self-checking continuous optical path monitoring (COPM).

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