• Reliable and precise benzene monitoring instrumentation for the chemical, and petrochemical industries


Reliable and precise benzene monitoring instrumentation for the chemical, and petrochemical industries

Nov 25 2021

The monitoring of benzene at petroleum and petrochemical facilities is crucial to ensure the safety of both plant personnel and the local communities.

As benzene is both ubiquitous in ‘petro’ related applications and poses a significant risk to health, there are stringent international and national regulations to ensure it is managed and monitored precisely and reliably.  ION Science’s state-of-the-art PID (photoionisation detection) instruments offer an excellent option for accurate and dependable monitoring for benzene.

ION Science’s provide a globally-renown range of instruments specifically designed for monitoring benzene.

Benzene monitoring for individual plant or refinery personnel
For protecting individuals, the Cub TAC (total aromatic compound) 10.0 eV personal benzene gas monitor is worn within the breathing zone on the person, enabling precise individual monitoring of exposure levels. The Cub TAC features audio and visual alarms that activate when exposure passes pre-set levels.

Data generated by the monitors can be uploaded to enable plant safety management teams to take fast and decisive action to control the situation.

Fixed benzene monitoring for petroleum related refineries and plants
ION Science’s Titan fixed benzene specific gas monitor is a standalone instrument which is ideal for monitoring benzene, as one of the highest risk factors in benzene exposure is related to the storage and distribution of petrol and petroleum-based products. Benzene is often present at oil refineries and foundries, which are often large and therefore not always monitored in person. ION Science’s Titan is wall mounted and samples air every minute, offering operators a precise, instant read-out of benzene air concentrations within 60 seconds. Titan features a dynamic detection range capable of monitoring for benzene down to 0.1 ppm concentration levels, so personnel working in the oil related sectors are always well protected

A Tiger in the refinery improves safety
For when you need to use a portable detector, ION Science offer their Tiger Select Portable benzene monitor. The Tigers are widely used at refineries and plants where they will monitor to ensure that nearby staff are safe and the air is clear of contaminants. This versatile unit covers 15-minute exposure limits as well as 8-hour time-weighted averages, so benzene exposure is monitored at all levels, through the whole working shift.

World class benzene monitoring technology available immediately
ION Science’s benzene specific instruments are available on fast lead times for the majority of the product range. With their worldwide network of suppliers, distributors and offices, delivery time is counted in days, rather than weeks, and it may even be possible get hold of their benzene monitoring products within 24 hours.

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