• Safe and precise gas detection in harsh industrial locations


Safe and precise gas detection in harsh industrial locations

Aug 02 2021

GDS Technologies recently launched the GasVac® Solo single line gas sample unit, which offers an efficient and precise method of monitoring gases continuously in restrictive harsh industrial environments where standard gas sampling instruments are not enough.

In a recent project, the GasVac® Solo was deployed by a biotechnology company who specialises in food waste recycling. Other methods of gas monitoring had been tried, but none had worked because of the high humidity levels affecting the instrumentation’s performance, until the GasVac® Solo was installed and solved the problem.

The GasVac® Solo is perfectly suited to extreme and harsh conditions. It monitors up to five types of gas, which includes methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and VOCs. The instrument’s multiple functions offer selectable sampling times ranging from 40 to 10,240 second intervals. Samples taken from targeted areas go through a selectable purge period during which the measurement system is flushed with clean air, so sensor cells maintain optimum performance. An integral peristaltic pump finish the procedure by removing moisture is at specified timed intervals.

Operators of this gas sampler set sampling time, clean air purge time and condensate drain cycle time which can be specified according to site conditions and sampling requirements. Continuous gas readouts further improve the performance of the system and all sensor 4~20mA signals are maintained in all selected function time periods. 

GDS Technologies’ patented micropore sampling (MPS) complements the GasVac® samplers by integrating a sampling line that can be either a continuous length or modular, enabling multiple ‘single intake point sampling’ as well as ‘area sampling’ from the whole surface area of the line. The versatile, compact and precise micropore system can be installed in confined spaces like tunnels or perimeter monitoring of storage tanks and monitoring a combination of lighter and heavier than air gases.

The GasVac® Solo is simple to install and needs hardly any maintenance and offers  a low-cost solution with a high level of accuracy and dependability, protecting people and assets from toxic, flammable and asphyxiate gases.

The GacVac® Solo+ has all the same features as the GasVac® Solo but with the capability of sequential sampling of up to eight sample lines, making it a perfect tool for large tank farms.

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