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Nov 12 2019

Critical measurements in a flow process demand accurate and repeatable validation, ideally using the same fluids and operating conditions as the in-service application. The Young Calibration Flow Laboratory serves the petrochemical industry with a myriad of flow system verification rigs for calibration validation, adjustment and linearization across a range of fluids, temperatures and viscosities.

UKAS Accredited Hydrocarbon Flowmeter calibration laboratory covers a volume flow range of 0.5 to 440 l/min at varying viscosity levels for the calibration of turbine flowmeters, positive displacement meters, gear meters, helical, coriolis flowmeters, chemical injection metering valves (CIMV). Equivalent mass flow calibrations can be undertaken along with both volume and mass batch measurement. Typical flowmeters covering the range of ¼” to 3” meter size can be accommodated with threaded, flanged and sanitary connections. Further non-accredited flow meter calibrations can be completed on ISO 4113, MEG, methanol, solvents, kerosene, cleaning fluids and hydraulic fluids.

UKAS Gas Flow Calibration for all volume and mass flowmeters and controllers including the popular rotameter or variable area (VA) flowmeters, MFC, MFM, laminar, vortex, turbine, thermal, piston, dry/wet gas meters and differential sensors. Specialist flow validation calibrations for remote medic centres covers the requirements for ventilators and flow analysers. The ISO 17025:2017 accredited laboratory covers a volume flow rate range from 60 cc/hr to 4500 m3/hr, enabling the calibration of the smallest leak testers to large diameters averaging duct, turbine and laminar flow meters in 300 mm line size. Multiple independent flow calibration gas lines are available for traceable calibrations on argon, helium, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, propane and customer bespoke mixes. Two high flow, low pressure streams on atmospheric air cover the requirements for fume hood flow sensors, VAV’s and balometers.

Relative Humidity Calibration for probes, sensors and loggers across a temperature range of 0 to 60°C is provided to ISO 17025 guidelines with traceability to national standards via a chilled mirror and controlled environmental chamber facility with a unique facility for controlling probe stem conduction balancing. Fully automated relative humidity and dew point calibrations can be undertaken on instruments with communication protocols. A wide range of transmitters and sensors can be calibrated from the popular suppliers seen throughout the UK, including Rotronic, Vaisala, Michell, Dwyer, Gefran, Kimo, Setra and Gemini. All calibrations are traceable to national standards and follow the guidelines as set out in ISO 17025. Reference humidity measurements are made using either chilled mirrors, reference RH sensors or calibration salts. Controlled chamber environments are closely controlled and monitored for thermal stability and homogeneity, to ensure measured conditions are a true reflection on the installed chamber environment. Calibrations can be undertaken both return to laboratory and onsite locations. The laboratory is working towards UKAS accreditation for temperature, humidity and dew point parameters.

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