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  • Advanced X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry Solution to Enable Rapid and Precise Qualitative and Quantitative Elemental Analysis

Advanced X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry Solution to Enable Rapid and Precise Qualitative and Quantitative Elemental Analysis

Jun 18 2008

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (USA) have announced the introduction of the Thermo Scientific UniQuant® XRF analysis package now available on the high-performance EDXRF system – Thermo Scientific ARL Quant’X. Featuring the spectrometer, standard-less software and accessories, the complete benchtop EDXRF (Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence) system meets the elemental analysis needs of central and contract laboratories, as well as environmental monitoring, chemicals, mining, electronics, cement and metals industries. In addition, a camera is integrated with the instrument for sample imaging.
This integrated solution is designed to facilitate rapid qualitative and
quantitative non-destructive elemental analysis of samples of any size,
shape and state. It is capable of achieving fast and accurate analysis
of major, minor and trace elements in a variety of materials including
solids, powders, liquids and layered structures.
The Thermo Scientific UniQuant software package achieves superior accuracy based on theoretical models that have been refined specifically to work with the ARL Quant’X. UniQuant uses eight filters to collect emission lines and excite every sample for truly unambiguous
results for all elements from Fluorine (Na) to Uranium (U). Capable of acquiring complete spectral profiles, the software can correct all possible overlaps and background effects, previously too complex to perform due to the nature of multi-condition X-ray excitation and detector resolution.
The software also enables analysts to specify the sample’s properties, such as area, height ormass. These characteristics often have a dramatic effect on the results, especially when the material contains a large fraction of light atoms invisible to EDXRF, such as hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. A variety of selectable reporting levels and formats present the results clearly for any type of user.
Quant’X with UniQuant can be pre-calibrated and ready to operate out-of-the-box with minimal operator training, requiring no expensive calibration packages. Quant’X also features an integrated, live sample-imaging camera, which visualizes the samples before or during analysis in order to identify, isolate and align very small features and areas, thus improving the accuracy of standard-less analysis. Additionally, the
vacuum, helium and inert gas flush options inherent to the spectrometer considerably improve sensitivity for light-element analysis in solid, powder and liquid samples.
With a cast zinc metal, full-vacuum chamber on a welded anodized steel frame, the design ensures mechanical durability for a lifetime of service, while the small instrument footprint enables easy transportation. This complete turnkey system is exceptionally easy to install and is ready to use within only 30 minutes. It achieves rapid measurement times of 10-20 seconds per element for maximum time savings while being fully customizable and upgradeable on site.

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