• Complete Oil and Fuel Analysis with Oil-Trace and Axios

Analytical Instrumentation

Complete Oil and Fuel Analysis with Oil-Trace and Axios

Jan 11 2008

PANalytical’s (The Netherlands) new Oil-Trace package, together with the Axios range of wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (WDXRF), provides a complete solution for the analysis of fuels, oils and oil derivatives. Oil-Trace delivers dramatic reductions, both in the number of calibration procedures and the amount of calibration standards needed. This reduces operational costs whilst
providing fast, accurate and reliable elemental analysis to comply with international norms and standards. With Oil-Trace and Axios, routine analysis of oil samples is a simple pushbutton operation.
Oil-Trace is a standard feature of Axios-Petro and is available as an option for other Axios systems. Axios industryspecific, WDXRF spectrometers are advanced, rapid and easyto-use. Robust and ergonomically designed, Axios innovations include sophisticated counting electronics, the fastest and most accurate goniometer, unmatched sensitivity, and the best fundamental parameters software package available.
Oil-Trace has been designed specifically to overcome the challenges normally associated with X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis of fuels and oils. Traditionally, measuring the hydrocarbon and oxygen content of oil samples (which we call the 'Dark-Matrix') by XRF is a multi-step process. Furthermore, as oils and oil derivatives are not infinitely thick for X-rays, variations in density, mass or volume between samples and standards have a major impact on accuracy of the results.
Oil-Trace uses an innovative method of characterizing the Dark-Matrix without the need of additional oxygen and hydrocarbon determinations.
Oil-Trace contains everything required for successful oil analysis, including software, tools and liquid standards for Dark-Matrix characterization. Oil-Trace supports compliancy with international ASTM and ISO norms and methods. It is particularly useful for the analysis of: fuels, bio-fuels and mixtures; S, Ni, V and other restricted elements in oil; wear metals in used oils; and chlorine in compressor oils.

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