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  • ‘Be Sure’ with New Anton Paar Density Meters

‘Be Sure’ with New Anton Paar Density Meters

Oct 16 2008

Anton Paar DMA density meters always were the benchmark. Now Generation M is expanding the limits of digital density measurement, providing a new level of user confidence and previously unattainable comfort. This new density meter generation stands out for unparalleled ease of use and complete transparency and traceability of the sample filling and measurement process. These new features allow complete confidence
in the sample filling and measurement process being correctly performed and therefore complete confidence in the outstanding quality of the measurement results:


(patent application filed) automatically detects incomplete filling or gas bubbles in the filled-in sample. It alerts the operator of potential measurement deviations and documents the incident.


displays live images of the oscillating U-tube sensor and the entire filled-in sample. Potential problems with the sample can be reliably identified in real-time or at a later review of the images automatically stored in the memory. This makes Generation M instruments the first density meters to allow later verification of the results particularly when using automatic sampling systems. Operators can
safely walk away and let the instrument do the work.


eliminates the need for multi-temperature calibrations and allows fast and accurate density measurements in the entire temperature range. It eliminates drifts caused by temperature stress, such as when filling samples at temperatures greatly different from the measuring
temperature, and provides stable readings over extended periods of time.

What else is new with Generation M?

Apart from providing automatic sample viscosity correction and high-precision platinum thermometers for temperature control, as in the previous generation, Generation M automatically determines the local air
pressure, making air adjustments exact whatever the location.
The user interface has a new design: A large, easy-to-read colour display with touchscreen function simplifies routine operations.
For harsh environments, additional function keys are provided so that the display does not need to be touched and stays clean. A keyboard, mouse and bar code reader can be connected for convenient operation.
Four USB, two RS232 interfaces and an Ethernet interface allow universal data transfer as well as secure operation for GMP, GLP and 21 CFR Part 11 applications.
PC monitors of any size can be connected so that the measuring results are legible even over large distances. Space-saving plug-in sample changers manage sample viscosities of up to 35,000 mPa.s.

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