• Precise and economical kinematic viscosity measurements of in-service oils

Analytical Instrumentation

Precise and economical kinematic viscosity measurements of in-service oils

Dec 21 2022

Anton Paar’s new SVM 1001 kinematic viscometer, when combined with a magnetic particle trap (MPT), is a cost-effective solution for quick and easy used-oil analysis, compliant to ASTM D7042 and D445 and is a superb alternative to conventional glass capillary systems.

The SVM 1001 has a fast-measuring time and provides high sample throughput of up to 37 samples per hour. The SVM rapidly analyses the oil’s condition within machinery to identify the right time for an oil change. This device also helps operators to avoid downtime caused by engine damage. Just 1.5 mL of sample is needed to carry out measurements, making the SVM an extremely economic and efficient solution; once the measurement is completed, results are calculated automatically.

This instrument covers a range of 0.3 mm²/s to 5 000 mm²/s with a single cell, enabling operators to analyse various samples without the trial and error of looking for the right capillary. It was developed to work at one or (optionally) two predefined temperatures ranging between 15 °C and 100 °C, which makes it perfect for analysing in-service oils at 40 °C and 100 °C.

The rapid and highly precise integrated Peltier temperature control eliminates the necessity of a thermostat bath, bath liquid or cooler and a separate thermometer. The MPT is directly mounted on the instrument, so users can easily and effectively remove ferromagnetic particles without any additional preparation or apparatus.

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