• 150 years of Pensky-Martens Flash Point Testing

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150 years of Pensky-Martens Flash Point Testing

Aug 08 2023

For a century and a half, Pensky Martens flash point testing has been an indispensable method for determining the flash point of various materials, ensuring safety, and driving innovation across industries. And for a century and a half, Anton Paar ProveTec has played a market-leading role in this field.

What started 150 years ago with the first manual Pensky-Martens flash point tester has developed into a whole family of next-generation flash point testers that cover a wide application range, including flash point testing for the petroleum and chemical industries as well as test labs according to relevant standards.

Anton Paar ProveTec’s next-generation flash point testers – Pensky-Martens flash point testers (PMA 500, PMA 300) and Abel flash point testers (ABA 500, ABA 300) – are all equipped with a patented ceramic-coated electric igniter, which gives them 10 times longer lifetimes than competitor igniters. Whether it’s these ones or Anton Paar ProveTec’s Tag flash point tester (Tag 4), or Cleveland open cup flash and fire point tester  (CLA 5), they are easy to use, easy to clean, and quick to cool.

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