• New generation of user-friendly asphaltene stability instrumentation

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New generation of user-friendly asphaltene stability instrumentation

Dec 20 2021

Suspended asphaltenes in heavy fuel may flocculate because of thermal stress whilst in heated storage or chemical balance changes during fuel blending. The ideal way to evaluate asphaltenes stability is by determining S-value parameters, measured according to the ASTM D7157 test method. 

AD Systems has revolutionised this routine test by introducing the SV10, the first fully automated S-value instrument. The whole test procedure is totally automated: toluene dilution, heptane titration, measure of the flocculation point and post-test cleaning. Unattended test run, simultaneously on the 3 positions, enables a fast result in minimal operational time. With its unique temperature-controlled, high-precision measuring cell (License TOTAL RC), the SV10 works with a wide range of samples, even those with asphaltene content of <0.4%, such as crude oils, residual products from refining processes, heavy fuel oils and marine fuels. Using the user-friendly SV10 requires no special training or operator-intervention during the test and there are no safety risks from handling hazardous solvents.

The SV10 is the perfect device for refineries, blenders and traders. The precise S-value and Sa results enable operators to monitor and optimise distillation, cracking (thermal, hydrocracking) and visbreaking units in a refinery. Sa and So results will enable the optimisation of blending operations. With the new IMO low sulphur regulation, this test is now highly recommended for marine fuels (CIMAC guidelines). Whilst individually stable, new formulation fuels can become unstable when mixed. The agglomeration of asphaltenes forming sludge can cause a serious fouling, plugging of filters and can result in engine failure, the SV10 offers a simple solution to avoiding such problems. 

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