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  • Fifth generation of Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Test (JFTOT) instrumentation brings a new level of safety and efficiancy
    AD System's TO10

Fifth generation of Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Test (JFTOT) instrumentation brings a new level of safety and efficiancy

Apr 08 2021 Read 16 Times

Experts in jet fuel testing instruments, AD Systems has developed their 5th generation of Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Test instrument (TO10), optimising all the test conditions described in ASTM D3241.

The TO10 revolutionises the thermal oxidation test of jet fuel by bringing unmatched reliability. This very innovative instrument controls all the test conditions very precisely: sample flow, sample volume, operating pressure control and test temperature controls.

The preparation of the test is simplified to an unprecedented level: no tools are needed for the test assembly and a dedicated gauge enables easy and perfect tube positioning. The smart software makes it possible to initiate a test immediately and monitor in real time all the test conditions from the same display. Together with the rapid cooling of the instrument when the test is finished, it improves drastically the lab efficiency and productivity.

The instrument automatically provides full traceability of the complete test (including the tube rating) without the need of extra accessories or specific tubes. It can be connected to the referee automatic tube rater ITR – DR10 (ASTM D3241 Annex 2) for automatic data transmission.

The TO10 represents major improvement in safety. The double door and VOC extraction systems protect operators from exposure to hazardous vapours. The light indicator protects the operator from any risk of burning. Automatic beaker detection prevents test initiation if one of them is not in place.

ASTM D3241 does not requires oxidation rights to be listed in Table 1 to comply with the method. ASTM confirmed that in ASTM D3241 there is no endorsement to use any instrument, the table 1 list is an optional list.

Based on its flexibility, its robustness and reliability, the TO10 is designed for any type of application, research, civilian and military fuel certification, including SAF.

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